Almost 2,000 bankers in the EU earn more than a million, in Italy there are 351

Data from the EBA, the European Banking Authority: they increased by 41.5% in 2021

I’m almost there two thousand bankers in Europe that they earn more than a million euros a year. The EBA, the European Banking Authority, has published its report with data up to 2021. The analysis shows a significant increase, equal to 41.5%, from 1,383 in 2020 to 1,957 in 2021. This is the most high since this survey has existed, since 2010.

How many are there in Italy? They are 351. Of these, 277 have a salary between 1 and 2 million euros, 43 between 2 and 3 million, 17 between 3 and 4 million, 9 between 4 and 5 million, 1 between 5 and 6 million, 1 between 6 and 7 million , 2 between 7 and 8 million, 1 between 9 and 10 million.

The EBA explains that the increase is linked “to the good general performance, particularly in the investment banking and trading and sales areas, also due to the relocation of managers from the United Kingdom to the EU and a general increase in wages”. The weighted average ratio of variable to fixed remuneration for top earners increased from 86.4% in 2020 to 100.6% in 2021.