Almost 30 years have passed since the first edition of Non è la rai: what is Monica Ruggeri doing today and how is she

Monica Ruggeri was one of the girls of the first edition of Non è la rai: almost 30 years have passed since then, but what does she do today?

The generation of the 90s can’t help but remember It’s not the rai! Aired for the first time in 1991, the program written and conceived by Gianni Boncompagni has entertained millions and millions of viewers.

First edition It is not the rai. Credits: Instagram

The first episode of Non è la rai aired in 1991 and the success was so incredible that over the years four editions have alternated. From here, therefore, it can be clearly understood that the girls who took part in the very popular broadcast were really a lot!

Several young women who made their small screen debut with It is not the rai and equally numerous are those who have entered the hearts of their entire audience. Among these, we cannot help but mention her: Monica Ruggeri. Even before participating in the famous program of the Mediaset channels, the very young woman had already made her debut as a cheerleader on Domenica In, but it was only after taking part in the first edition of Non è la rai that she rode even more the crest of the wave. Are you curious about what it does today and how it has changed after almost 30 years?

How has changed and what Monica Ruggeri does today after Non la rai

Not only Ilaria Galassi, who today carries out a completely different profession, and Angela Di Cosimo, but also Monica Ruggeri was one of the pillars of Non è la Rai during its very first edition. Very young at the time of her participation in the program, the girl was able to easily win attention to herself. Even today, despite almost 30 years have passed since her last appearance in the television studio of It is not the rai, continues to be beloved. But what do we know now about him? Established that – as confirmed by the direct of her interested in the course of her interview with Gente Vip some time ago – Monica said ‘goodbye’ to the spotlight, are you curious to know what she is doing today?

“I remember those years as the funniest of my life”, Monica Ruggeri told Gente Vip in remembering her experience in Non è la rai. Despite this, however, and the incredible uproar she encountered, the young girl has forever greeted the world of entertainment – just like a ‘colleague’ of her – and today she is dedicated to her family. Wife and mom, Monica has revealed that she is a manager of a banking group.

In short, we are talking about a big leap in quality. Are you curious, finally, to know how it has changed? Look at her here, time seems to have not changed for her:

monica is not the rai
Monica today. Credits: Instagram

Whether she is a young girl in her first TV experiences or a career woman, Monica is always beautiful! Do you agree?