Almost thirty years ago she conducted “Target” on Canale 5 and then established herself as an actress: her life today away from TV

She was the symbolic face of the Canale 5 rotogravure “Target”, then an actress in successful fiction: you will be surprised to see her today!

It was the year 1993 and on Canale 5 a program destined to revolutionize the language of television was making its debut: remember the rotogravure “Target”? Aired until 2000, it was broadcast in the late evening, initially on Monday and then moving on to Sunday. Although three presenters took turns at the conduction, the historical face of the program was certainly Gaia De Laurentiis.

Almost thirty years ago she conducted “Target” on Canale 5 and then established herself as an actress: what she does today (Youtube)

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In fact, it was she who led him until 1997, the year in which, being on maternity leave, he had to leave the witness to Natasha Stefanenko then replaced in turn by Tamara Donà. With her blond bob, Gaia introduced films and reports that dealt with television phenomena and her sympathy conquered the public in a very short time.

In 1997 De Laurentiis also conducted a sort of spin-off on Italia 1 in which other topics besides TV were dealt with in a comic key. It was called “Ciro, the son of Target” in reference to the historical joke that Sandra Milo suffered live on her son Ciro.

For some years the presenter has been away from the small screen: let’s retrace her career after “Target” until we find out what she does today.

17 years have passed since her debut with “Target” on Canale 5: how is Gaia De Laurentiis today

Born in Rome on February 25, 1970, after the experience of “Target” Gaia worked both in the theater and in the cinema. He also took part in the very famous TV dramas You are strong teacher (2000) and Me and mom (2007).

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As a presenter she worked in 2004 on the Saturday afternoon broadcast Changing Rooms – Surprise room and since 2008 she has been a correspondent of Strangelove. She was also at the helm of programs on Leonardo, the Sky channel. She is also presenter of some teleshopping for Mediaset programs.

He has acted in many plays and in 2015 he participated in the last season of CentoVetrine. The last broadcast he conducted dates back to 2017 and was Green mission on La5.

Gaia today is the mother of four children: Sebastiano, had with the producer Fernando Ghia; Agnese, born from her marriage to the television director Maurizio Catalani from whom she divorced; Emma and Massimo, had with the child neuropsychiatrist Ignazio Ardizzone.

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The shot we show you is taken from her Facebook profile and clearly shows how much Gaia De Laurentiis keeps her beauty intact many years after her debut on TV.

Target Channel 5
Photo source: Facebook

Simply enchanting, right?