Almost unrecognizable, Barbara D’Urso at her debut on TV: a very old video appears

Barbara D’Urso is a very popular presenter at home, but no one remembers her in this way. She from the video she looks like another person!

The appointment with Barbara D’Urso and Afternoon 5 remains a fixed point of reference for viewers. The presenter is practically one of historical faces of Mediaset, and although there has been talk of abandonments and changes, her image cannot be replaced by anyone, because she is now an indissoluble symbol of Canale 5. Actress and presenter, she began her career in seventiesand hasn’t stopped since. Thanks to digital means, a video that portrays her in the past, and the audience hardly recognize her, that’s why.

Barbara D’Urso at her debut on TV (Credits: @barbaracarmelitadurso) Sologossip

How did your career start? Born in 1957, Maria Carmela D’Urso known by all by the pseudonym Barbara D’Ursoand from hardcore fans like carmelite, she is originally from Campania, but has now lived in Milan since her career blossomed. Not everyone knows that she besides making her the host of programs like Afternoon 5to have acted in TV dramas such as Doctor Gio, the best known in the nineties since there would be so many other roles for cinema and television, she was also enrolled in the register of journalists. He has worked for weeklies and monthlies, but it is the warmth of the public that is his charge and destiny. Even from his own debut on TV his dedication to management is evident. From the video unknown to many everything leaks out.

Barbara D’Urso at the beginning is unrecognizable!

Among the works of Barbara D’Urso one cannot fail to take into account the reality show that perhaps most of all has immersed her in the world of management. At the beginning of the 2000s, in 2003 she obtained the role of presenter of the Big Brother instead of Daria Bignardi. She was one of the longest-running hosts of the format. You cannot fail to remember her with her famous way of calling the boys of the gf, the phrase “Guys…” in a singsong tone she has remained in history, in fact she is associated with her. The successors had to find their own “mood” in calling the competitors. Just keep in mind now Alfonso Signorini that thunders in the same tone of voice “Vipponiiii…”

Thus, the hosting career is launched, switch to programs such as The Farm, at Ricomincio da me, Reality Circus, and Mattino 5, up to the afternoon edition of the TV format. Presenting and being in constant contact with the public are the things he loves to do the most, and it shows in this video for what he says, but his image is totally distorted. The source is a You Tube Channel, Angelo A, and is an interview with Ivan Cattaneo. He couldn’t have known then how many interviews she would do in the future.

Barbara D'Urso TV debut video
Barbara D’Urso at the beginning of her career (Credits: You Tube @Angelo A) Sologossip

What is most intriguing is to note how the way of expressing oneself is practically the same. Direct, cheerful and kind, without filters. During the chat with Ivan Cattaneo he tells anecdotes simply, as if he were having a chat with friends. She reveals that she met Ivan outside work, not recognizing him when they go to the same supermarket and buy ham, because without clothes and stage makeup he’s so different. There D’Urso she even jokes that if she had platinum hair it would be unrecognizable since her features are too Mediterranean to be blonde, and instead today we find her…blonde! In the full video you can see the interview in full.