Altan: “Satire does not change but now the target is easier with the right”

Francesco Tullio Altan in Pescara at the ‘Cartoons on the Bay’ festival to receive the Bonelli Award

“Satire does not change, because it always deals with politics. Our job is to be careful. But now, with the right in government, the target is somehow easier”. Even more beautiful? “No, there’s nothing nice about this case.” That’s what he explains Francesco Tullio Altan – answering the AdnKronos – on the sidelines of ‘Cartoons on the Bay’the animated film festival promoted and organized by Raiunderway in Pescara, which will assign Altan the Bonelli Award.

“In reality – he observes – that of satire is not a profession that really serves to go against things, ours is a soft weapon and therefore the most important thing is that people who think in the same way get together and who find themselves in that cartoon and feel a little less alone”. As for the current ‘state of health’, “there is satire and there will always be, it is a language that is part of man – he replies Altan – Whether he’s well or not, I don’t know: it’s an ancient question that has no answer. Those who do it may or may not be well”.

Suggestions for young people who want to make satire? “Just work: want to and try until you find your own language and your own path – he points out Altan – Knowing how to draw is important but not essential: satire lives more on jokes than on drawing. At least the current satire; for that of the nineteenth century drawing was very important, now much less. The drawing is the choice of the interpreter of that joke”.

As for political caricature, “it’s not my strong point, I’ve always been more interested in those who put characters in positions of power than people in power. There are exceptions, however – he warns – because when the character is very important, you have to take care of it: as for CraxiFor Berlusconi and now for the lady Melons“. But why the dad of Cipputi then do the Pimpa? “It was born from the simple fact that I had a little girl and luckily Pimpa’s story continues, she does what she wants…”.

(of the envoy Enzo Bonaiuto)