#ALTRNTV Festival, Rome and Lazio great protagonists: the program

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#ALTRNTV Festival returns to Rome for its third edition with an exceptional program that sees, from 15 Octoberin 10 live clubs in the capital well 27 widespread concerts and 80 artists involved, among songwriters, bands, DJs, photographers and illustrators who will exhibit their works with a live music theme. Among the first names announced in the review: Cor Veleno + Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Marlene Kuntz, Gianluca Petrella, Edda, Nada, Giumo, Altin Gün, Mellow Mood, Giorgio Poi, The Afghan Wings, Bobby Joe Long’s Friendship Party.

#ALTRNTV is a traveling music festival born in 2017; as a special project that is part of the Biennale MArteLive, the widespread multidisciplinary festival conceived and directed by Giuseppe Casa, #ALTRNTV wants to be a multi-genre musical review, in which, despite the contemporaneity of the events, there is no type of competition between them, offering each venue involved a specific artistic proposal, suitable for different tastes and able to reach parallel audiences. The intent is, in 2023, to bring the musical genres involved from the current 8 to 10 and in 2024 to 15, thus seeking even more niche artists and trying to become more and more a point of reference for those artists who experiment with innovative forms and ” alternatives ”of established or emerging musical projects, including international ones, wanting to become the annual appointment awaited by the public and artist, like other European festivals.

The idea of #ALTRNTV is, in fact, that of segment the audience by offering them different musical genres (from rock to electropop, from indie to rap, from trap to jazz, from electronics to the great names of the contemporary Italian music scene), encouraginga participation to the different shows proposed varied and as much as possible extendedin order to maintain, especially in such a difficult historical period for culture and clubs, the city constantly alive and driving force behind it. In addition to the concerts, which will take place simultaneously in the various live clubs, there will also be a free workshop on event organization, while prestigious prizes were up for grabs for some of the emerging artists involved, useful for fostering dialogue between the various players in the sector, for proposing ideas and solutions and for increasing their professional network. #ALTRNTV is a format conceived and edited by Giuseppe Casa in collaboration with Irene De Marco and organized by the MArteLive / MArteLabel Stables. Info & Tickets: https://altrntv.it/

October 3:
Preview with i Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Largo Venue;

October 13: Emerging bands selected through Call for Artists – Beer Station;

October 15: Gianluca Petrella / Cosmic Renaissaince – Monk;

October 15: Mellow Mood – Largo Venue;

October 15: MASEENI + Canary Islands – Init

October 16: Marlene Kuntz – Monk;

17 October: Fedrix & Flaw + Living Tigers-Velvet

October 18: Emerging bands selected through call for artists Qube;

October 19th: Emerging bands selected through call for artistsQube;

19 October: Edda – opening: Umberto Maria Giardini – Monk;

October 20: Emerging bands selected through call for artistsQube;

21 October: Dengue Dengue Dengue + dj set: Mondocane, La Regina del Fomento, Funk Pope – Angelo Mai

October 21: Lorenzo Kruger -A donkey flying

October 22: Decrow + Aaron Rumore + Giumo + Joe Scacchi + Djset Close Listen // TrapBar – Mandrione joint

22 October: Sleap-e + Maestro Pellegrini – INIT

October 22: Corveleno + Three Merry Dead Boys – Largo Venue;

October 22: Bobby Joe Long’s Friendship Party – Monk;

October 22: Giorgio Then – Angelo Mai


October 26: The Afghan Whigs + special guestEd Harcourt – Largo Venue

Biennial MArteLive Plus
At the end of the BiennaleMArteLive, #ALTRNTV will continue with special events until December. Among the first confirmed shows:

November 9: Nada – Monk;

November 17: Altin Gün – Largo Venue;

November 27: Melancholia – Largo Venue