Altroconsumo Connect and Neosurance support the Soleterre Foundation

‘Grande Against Cancer’: the program that connects 19 pediatric wards from 6 countries

Axa BeLive Cancer Policy is the new insurance product distributed by Altroconsumo Connect and Neosurance, who have joined forces for a charitable purpose: part of the proceeds from the sale of each policy will in fact be used to support the “Grande Against Cancer” program of the Soleterre Foundation, which links 19 pediatric wards in 6 countries: Italy, Ukraine, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Morocco and annually assists over 3,000 children and adolescents with cancer with their parents.

For almost 20 years, the Soleterre Foundation has been dealing with inequalities in access to cancer treatments between countries in the North and South of the world and has found that survival rates change drastically depending on where they are born: if in Italy 8 sick children survive on 10, in many African countries only 2 out of 10 children make it. But inequalities also exist within our country, where every year 71,000 minors are forced to move outside the region for treatment (Source Airtum) and about 3 out of 10 children under treatment in the wards where Soleterre operates face a ‘health trip’ , with enormous costs for frequent trips to the hospital, housing, medical and daily bills away from home.

“Being part of a project like that of Altroconsumo Connect and Neosurance is very important for us and allows us to bring attention to the issue of the financial toxicity of cancer – says Damiano Rizzi, president of the Soleterre Foundation – Medical travel and cancer poverty have a direct impact on the chances of recovery. In adult cancer, patients who experience a worsening of their financial situation during treatment are less likely to improve and recover. For children, this happens when the parents are impoverished due to their child’s illness. Financial toxicity is not so much linked to the costs of treatment as to the serious repercussions that the disease has on the social and working life of patients (or parents in the case of a pediatric patient) and their families. Childhood oncological disease therefore becomes a multiplier and generator of social and economic poverty for thousands of families “.

The donation of Altroconsumo Connect and Neosurance to the Soleterre Foundation will finance psychological and economic support interventions for families impoverished by their child’s travel and cancer disease: often, due to economic impossibility, families give up examinations or visits that could promptly identify the tumor, thus slowing down the start of treatment and decreasing the hopes of recovery. By paying the costs of food, accommodation, transport, those for examinations, visits and medicines, families are relieved of a considerable load of stress, and can concentrate on finding their emotional balance through working with the psycho-oncologists of the Soleterre Foundation.

“We are particularly proud of this initiative which allows us to give an extremely concrete meaning to the concept of sustainability – comments Alessandro Quarato, business developer of Altroconsumo Connect – We want to combine support actions for the community with a value proposition for consumers, adhering with particular enthusiasm to such a virtuous project as the one created by Soleterre. We are confident that this Partnership can also help to convey attention and sensitivity towards these issues “.

“We are proud to put our technology at the service of a cause that is particularly close to our hearts. Insurance companies must return to play that social role that animated their origins and innovation can really make a difference in this change of approach – says Pietro Menghi, CEO of Neosurance, a digital broker that operates internationally – Our technology makes us allows you to offer for the first time, in a few clicks and without the need for a preliminary medical check-up, a digital policy that immediately compensates the family in the event of a cancer diagnosis. At the same time, it allows us to automate the disbursement of funds, to immediately support the Soleterre project. “For each policy sold, in fact, Neosurance and Altroconsumo Connect will donate 15 euros to the“ Grande Against Cancer ”program.