Ama, the deus who performed a miracle in Sanremo in 5 years

Nobody like Ama!

There have been years, not so long ago, when you landed in Sanremo (THE SPECIAL – LIVE UPDATES) at the beginning of the week and there wasn’t much difference around compared to the rest of the year. It also happened to exclaim: what a death!

Then came Morandi, then Conti, then Baglioni and in 2020 Ama.

Amadeus is perfect in these years of underdog narration because at the first festival that Rai decided to entrust to him, that was me. Nobody gave him a cent. Amadeus in Sanremo? Meh.

He is the first to say it today, taking stock of these five years. Yet Ama has put into it her story, clean, her past on the radio, the years with Cecchetto, her adventure of ups and downs on TV, very highs and very lows and then that friendship with Rosario “ciuri Fiorello who Amadeus’ reign at the Festival from 2020 to today will be marked in every possible way. First together, he raider, gag monologues, then Covid the year with the balloons on the seats at the Ariston, a giant performance especially for Fiorello, then just one evening, then connected, now there in front every night and on stage at the final. From being an underdog, Ama has become the Draghi of the Festival. The ratings are his pnrr. Always growing. Year after year. TV records like never before, and then social media, and then memes, and the cast, and streaming. And then Sanremo itself, the city. Amadeus transformed it into Rio during the carnival: squares, Glass as buildings, music everywhere, cruise ships, widespread stages, widespread Sanremo, the total festival that Italy wanted.

Sanremo is always Christmas!

Then there is the generational question. There the thing is simple. Amadeus’ reasoning was this (initiated by Baglioni to tell the truth but completed). Sanremo is like Christmas, until yesterday young people came here as if they went to their grandparents’ house: considered a bit like that, criticized for the earring, studied, analysed, in the end they couldn’t wait to leave. What has happened in the last five years has turned everything upside down. Sanremo is always Christmas, never have young people said: let’s stay at home, and invite our grandparents too.

And so in recent years they have all been celebrated. Ranieri, Morandi, Albano, Ricchi e Poveri, Iva Zanicchi, Patty Pravo, Bertè, Pooh loose or together. But we were at the house of Maneskin, Mengoni, Diodato, Colpesce and Martino, Elettra Lamborghini, Irama, Elodie, Annnalisa. The crowds under the hotels are back, the influencers have arrived, the record company crowds have been replaced by web stars, Ferragni has arrived. We have been dying of memes until late at night and announcements on Tg1 since November.

Who will be there after Amadeus?

Today Ama is aware that it is better to stop. She told us this over and over again this week. Fiorello says that if we get through August, the month in which he could give in, it’s done. But this time he is really convinced that the stop is necessary. So it will be difficult next year. For Rai first and foremost. Amadeus, meeting him with relative calm at the Ariston in the days when all of Italy discovered and started singing the songs that he alone had listened to for weeks before jotting down the list, confirmed to us that he is really alone when he listens to the songs, he shares them with his wife and children but they remain there. He doesn’t call his colleague. friend to say what do you think of this? And that other one. In those weeks he claims that solitude because he needs it to make good decisions. Him at home or in the car listening to the songs that he will then sing all over Italy. After Buzz Aldrin in orbit around the Moon, he is the loneliest man in the universe. Since Sunday, with the weight of “and what do we do now?” it will be a feeling that many will have.