Amadeus and Federica Panicucci very young at the Festivalbar: never seen like this?

Today Amadeus and Federica Panicucci are two super established TV presenters, but do you remember how they were when they hosted the Festivalbar together?

Both have built two extraordinary careers and are now two of the faces most loved by the television audience. Amadeus has been a Rai column for many years now, while Federica Panicucci has become one of the most popular conductors of the Biscione ever.

Amadeus and Federica Panicucci program together (Credits: RaiPlay)

Each of the two has led and conducts hugely successful programs in their respective companies, and their social following also boasts unstoppable growth. Many will not be surprised if we have combined these two names. Almost anyone who was a teenager or an adult in the 1990s will surely remember that, from a business point of view, Amadeus And Federica they shared a piece of the road side by side.

It can be said that they were the years of their beginnings, even if both had already had experience in some transmissions, starting from the end of the 80s. After working for years on the radio, Amadeus debuted on Italia 1 in the program 1,2,3, Jovanotti while the colleague had been one of the ‘switchboard operators’ of the last edition of Portobello in 1987 on Rai 2. She also landed at Fininvest in 1988 as a ‘hostess’ The dating game and, also in those years, he made a small appearance in the show We dance and sing with Licia.

In 1993, 1994 and 1995, the two found themselves together at the helm of the Festivalbar, historic traveling summer event in which many national and international music stars performed with the great hits of the summer. But do you remember how the two very famous presenters were then?

Amadeus and Federica Panicucci, about 27 years have passed since then: here they are at the Festivalbar

As many of you will remember, between the 1990s and early 2000s, the Festivalbar it was considered a real institution: it wasn’t summer without those mega concerts in the squares all over Italy!

At the time Amadeus was just over thirty years old while Federica was about 26. The conductor of the last three editions of the Sanremo Festival he certainly had a few more hairs, but all in all, he hasn’t changed much since then. The blonde presenter of Morning Fiveon the other hand, he also had at the time a long and thick hair, but of a brown color.

Going to look at those episodes on Youtube or through social networks, you notice the great complicity they had on stage and, let’s face it, they formed an extraordinary couple for a broadcast like the Festivalbar! Above all because both were two faces much loved by the young audience, which was the one to whom Italy 1 mainly addressed.

Amadeus and Federica Panicucci
Amadeus and Federica Panicucci as young people (Credits: Instagram)

We bet that you too would jump for joy if there was a chance to see Amadeus and Federica again work side by side. It would be nothing short of magnificent, do you agree?