Amadeus, the shock as a child: tell everyone what happened to him

Amadeus, the shock as a child: he tells everyone what happened to him; the painful background that not everyone knows.

He is one of the most beloved faces of our TV and, in a few months, he will be back on the Ariston stage, at the helm of his fourth consecutive Sanremo Festival. Amadeus he is a real column of Rai and for the public he has almost become one of the family. We know practically everything about his successful career, but can the same be said of his private life?

Amadeus (Youtube Credits)

There is, for example, a background regarding the conductor’s past: an episode that occurred when Amadeus he was only seven years old and which strongly marked his entire life. It was he who talked about it, in an interview last year with the weekly Oggi. Here are his words in detail.

Amadeus, the painful background: what happened when he was a child

On stage we see him strong, confident and flawless, but Amadeus is not so imperturbable in his privacy. On the contrary, the conductor admitted to be a very anxious person and having to deal with a real one hypochondria.

The reasons for excessive concern for her health, however, may have roots in her past. This was told by Amadeus, interviewed by Oggi last year: “At seven years old I was hospitalized for two months for nephritis. It was a very difficult time, which I probably never got over. Certain traumas remain on you and today diseases terrify me “. An episode that took place when Amadeus was just a child, but of which the conductor still has a clear memory. A trauma that left its mark on the conductor, as his beloved wife also confirmed.

As a guest at S’è come night a few months ago, Giovanna Civitillo said: “Ama is a hypochondriac: if he has a pimple, he has a huge problem, but I treat it like a pimple. He is afraid of everything, he takes vitamins from morning to night. Any little thing, even a headache, he investigates why“. At Ok health and wellness, the conductor said to go to the doctor as soon as he feels a small symptom to undergo all the necessary examinations and checks and, when he can, he prefers to listen to two professional opinions rather than one.

amadeus child
Amadeus in Sanremo (Credits Raiplay)

An anxiety that Amadeus manages to keep at bay thanks to his work, which keeps him busy and focused: on stage, the conductor not only does not feel agitated, but even manages to relax, feeling completely at ease. We can only hope to see him more and more often on the small screen, for the sake of Amadeus but also of his audience, who have been following him with great affection for years.