Amadeus, who are the children and what they do in life: one is already very famous

How much do you know about Amadeus’ children? There are some curiosities about them that might seriously surprise you. Here is all the information on the children of the host of the Sanremo Festival

Amadeus was born in Ravenna but has always lived in Verona. Few people know that the TV presenter has Sicilian origins. Father of him, in fact, is of Palermo. He started working in the music world from a very young age, participating in various disco nights as a disk jockey. It is precisely in this period (we are in the 80s) that he is noticed by a radio station in Verona, Blue Radio.

Amadeus, who are the children? Are you sure you know everything? (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

After a few years, he made the leap in quality, switching to Radio Deejay. TO Milan knows Fiorello and the two become fast friends. Just with the showman from Catania, Amadeus has conducted the latest editions of San Remo Festivalwhile this year it will be joined by Gianni Morandi. The evenings will also have co-hosts: Clare Ferragni will be on stage at theAriston on the occasion of the first and last evening, Francesca Fagnani, Paula Egonu And Clare Francini they will present the other three.

How much information do you have about the private life of Amadeus? Everyone knows who he is married to Giovanna Civitilloknown at the time ofInheritance. The Veronese presenter has two children, who have very special interests. And there are some particularly curious anecdotes about them.

Alice and José Alberto: here are some curiosities about Amadeus’ children

Amadeus he has two sons: Aliceborn from the marriage with Marisa DiMartinoAnd Jose Albertoborn from the relationship with Giovanna Civitillo. Alice he is 25 years old and his surname is Sebastians. Everyone knows Amadeus with the stage name, few remember his real name, Amedeo Umberto Rita Sebastiani. Alice has quite a following on Instagramthanks to her 9,000 followers, and is a graduate of fashion business at theMarangoni Institute Of Milan.

Alice Sebastiani, the eldest daughter of Amadeus (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Fashion is her great passion and she loves travelling. On her profile there are several photos taken during some trips. In the past you lived in London it’s at La Corunain Spainbut now it’s back to Milan. Jose Alberto was born in 2009 and has this name in honor of Jose Mourinhocoach ofInter of the treblethe favorite team of Amadeus. Together with her parents, she participated in an episode of very true during last season.

The fourteen year old has always followed, except in the year of the closure of theAriston because of COVID-19every evening of San Remo Festival presented by his father and he is doing it again this year. Unforgettable the curtain with Sabrina Ferilli last year, when the Roman actress publicly thanked him for recommending her name to her father. It seems that right there Ferilli is the favorite actress of Jose Alberto.