Amatrice, opposition ‘earthquake funds for Ruggeri concert’, mayor ‘paid the Region’

On 29 July last Enrico Ruggeri went to sing in Amatrice. An event that should have reassured the souls of a population that still pays the consequences of the earthquake that wiped out the entire municipality and the neighboring villages almost six years ago but which instead gave rise, indirectly, to a bitter controversy between the opposition city councilors and the current mayor. The former argue that the event would have been paid for with part of the proceeds deriving from offers for the 2016 earthquake (the expenditure commitment is also visible in the determination n.80 of last August 1st, ed), the second that it was only an advance, but which was paid by the Lazio Region.

Rosaria Lunadei, of the council group of the Municipality of Amatrice “Let’s Reconstruct Together”, explains to Adnkronos: “We have verified that there have been administrative acts, a council resolution and then the commitments made by the head of the economic and financial sector regarding the chapter of donations, pending that the Lazio Region approves the contribution they requested. The concert should take place after, not before the positive response from the Region and if the Region itself sent the contribution immediately after the event, there was no rush to anticipate with the funds of the donations. It is all black and white and can be consulted by all, in the determinations of the praetorian register of the Municipality of Amatrice, and then the spending commitments were made on the chapter that reads precisely ‘proceeds from earthquake donations 2016 ‘, pending the approval of the contribution by the Lazio Region and have made these cash advances “.

“The basic problem is that public accounting rules prohibit carrying out operations of this type. And these funds are not budget funds, because they come from donations. Furthermore, in the resolution it is written that the Municipality will advance the sums pending a positive response from the region. It means that at that date they had no certainty that the Region would give the contribution “adds Lunadei to Adnkronos.

Mayor Cortellesi’s reply is ready: “Absolutely not true, it is a funding for the culture of the Lazio Region. And in any case there would be nothing wrong – he tells Adnkronos – there is not only material reconstruction, on the contrary perhaps at this moment the moral one is more important and I am the mayor I guarantee it. There is a regional funding of 50 thousand euros, only that he arrived late, the artist had been stopped and it was probably a palliative to crystallize the thing . But the donation money did not come out. The regional allocation is of 26/7 registered on 28/7 one day before the concert – he underlines – In resolution 148 of 27/7 it is written that the Municipality will anticipate but the concert was then paid in full by the Lazio Region “.

“Only bad faith – he adds in a note released by his staff – The claims made by the minority group, regarding the financing of the Ruggeri concert, is totally groundless and does not correspond to the truth. With resolution number 148 of the City Council of 27- 7-2022, the Administration only proceeded to anticipate the coverage of organization expenses, pending a positive response from the Lazio Region to the request for contribution, therefore it was only an advance that did not concern donations. The concert took place on July 29 and the regional funds arrived immediately after “.

(by Silvia Mancinelli)