Amazfit T-Rex 2, the sporty and indestructible smartwatch

Amazfit T-Rex 2, special features: functional, light and indestructible. The name is already a program, strong as a dinosaur. Think that it passed military tests and to do so it was launched with a rocket about 34.5 kilometers into orbit. It withstood -64 ° C and an air pressure below 0.2% of that found at sea level. T-Rex 2 is a watch dedicated to sportsmen and adventurers. Over 150 sports activities can be tracked. Also useful in water because the smartwatch withstands up to 100 meters deep. We tested it on a bicycle, during an excursion on the Bolognese Hills.

App at your wrist

After choosing the training session, the GPS connects in a few seconds and then off on the pedals. During the activity you can check all the parameters: time, distance, track and heart rate. In addition, T-Rex 2 allows you to import customized routes on the app and view them directly on the watch display.

In addition to purely sporting functions, there are others such as controlling blood saturation, stress levels and sleep.

Technical specifications

The smartwatch features the Zepp Os operating system, dual band GPS, 1.39-inch Amoled display, a very efficient 500 mAh battery that lasts up to 24 days, and then weighs just over 66 grams. Putropppo calls cannot be answered and there are few colors available. The cost is almost 230 euros.

Pros and cons


  • Functionality
  • Battery
  • Materials


  • Few choice of colors per strap