Amazing Elodie on stage: the price of her sparkling miniskirt is unbelievable!

Elodie confirms herself as an unrivaled style icon who has again left everyone breathless with her miniskirt: do you know how much it costs?

The beautiful girl continues to enchant everyone with her songs and her latest looks Elodie Di Patrizi, one of the most popular singer of the Italian music scene. Right in this period she is depopulating her summer hit titled her Tribal and shortly we will see her at the cinema in the title role of the film by Pippo Mezzapesa I eat your heartinspired by the novel by Carlo Bonini and Giuliano Fascini.

Elodie Versace miniskirt price (Credits: Instagram)

In short, the career of the former student of Friends she continues quickly and her range of action seems to widen more and more between conduction, acting, fashion and music. Recently, the beautiful Roman artist also managed to carve out a few days off by taking a short vacation in Puglia where she showed off a new hair-style. She has in fact abandoned the maxi braids to return to the natural hair, but she has kept her extensions as she has shown in some stories shared on Instagram.

A sauvage effect that she chose even when she returned to her many commitments, including the Coca-Cola Summer Festival of Paestum of which she was a guest last weekend. The not too marked make-up was enough to highlight all the beauty of her, but also the outfit certainly did not leave something to be desired. Already the 90s detail of the golden choker with medusa-medusa was nothing short of delightful, but of its amazing look it struck above all a super designer detail or the sparkling miniskirt: do you know how much it costs?

Elodie, with the designer miniskirt is unrivaled: the price is a scream!

With her proud bearing and her curvy physique, it is no wonder that Di Patrizi is a model much appreciated by the most renowned stylists. Not surprisingly, al Coca-Cola Summer Festival was Donatella Versace to take care of her look as happened on other occasions.

This time the ‘mood’ of the outfit was the logo-mania: under a crop top with thin straps in denim fabric, Elodie wore a miniskirt hipster that caught everyone’s attention. Adherent and sparkling like few others, it is studded with crystals that form the writing Versace all-over. Impossible not to notice it, especially if worn by Elodie! But how much will such a marvel cost? Well, it is not exactly a cheap garment: the price of her on the official website of the famous fashion house turns out to be 1,500 euros!

After leaving everyone speechless at the Gay Pride in Rome with the iconic Barbie-style dress, even so the singer of Midnight bathroom it truly exceeded all expectations.

Elodie miniskirt
Elodie, how much miniskirt costs (Credits: Instagram)

And which of her magnificent looks have you preferred so far?