Amazon buys the Roomba robot company for $ 1.7 billion

This is one of the biggest deals ever in the home automation sector

Amazon announced that it has acquired iRobot, the company that manufactures Roomba robotic vacuums and mops, for $ 1.7 billion – the equivalent of $ 61 per share. The deal will now need to be approved by regulators and iRobot’s board of shareholders, and Amazon hasn’t provided details on when it expects the deal to go into effect. Once the acquisition is complete, Colin Angle will remain CEO of iRobot. This is one of the biggest deals ever in the home automation industry, and it’s not the first for Amazon, which previously bought Ring, which manufactures video surveillance systems and smart doorbells and intercoms, for a billion dollars. At the moment Roomba products are integrated with iOS and Android thanks to their respective apps: for the future, greater integration with Alexa and Amazon’s home automation systems is expected. “We know how important it is to save time, and housekeeping can rob us of hours we could spend with the people we love,” said Dave Limp, senior vp, Amazon Devices. “Over the years, the iRobot team has proven their ability to reinvent the way people take care of the home, in an incredibly practical and fast way. Consumers love iRobot products, and I’m looking forward to it. work with their team to make users’ lives easier. “