Amazon expands health services, soon online psychological counseling

The company is focusing heavily on Amazon Care, its new section dedicated to “home health”

According to sources inside Amazon reported by
, the e-shopping giant is planning an expansion of its Amazon Care services, dedicated to health. In particular, the company aims to add mental health support to its personal care package, at least for an initial consultation. Amazon Care will offer remote professional interventions by several doctors, and among these there will also be psychologists and psychiatrists, in collaboration with Ginger, a service that offers its own online counseling for mental health. The service is expected to launch next year, and will allow for immediate and private contacts with a range of professionals. The personalized online care business is one of the hottest for the future, and Amazon could offer a truly targeted subscription to Amazon Care, so you always have online support that provides immediate health information before reaching out to a specialist. Recently, Amazon also acquired One Medical for $ 3.9 billion.