Amazon, maxi dismissal: 18,000 go away

The US e-commerce giant: “Uncertain economy”

”Just over eighteen thousand employees”. There will be many the layoffs that the US e-commerce giant Amazon will carry out, as announced by its CEO Andy Jassy. ”The uncertain economy” and ”the rapid hiring of recent years” are the reasons indicated in a note from the company. Amazon has withstood ”difficult economic” periods and will continue to do so, the note continues, underlining that ”these changes will allow us to continue our journey for longer and in a more concrete way”.

The hardest hit, by the most numerous mass layoffs of the company founded by Jeff Bezos, will be employees of stores, such as Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go, and its Pxt organizations, which manage human resources, for example. Letters of dismissal will reach those affected starting January 18, Jassy said, adding that those affected represent six percent of the company’s workforce of about 300,000 people.