Amazon Prime Video, advertising arrives: how much it will cost not to have it

The one introduced will be an option. Otherwise the service will remain, but with ads

Advertising arrives on Amazon Prime Video. Starting Monday, January 29, ads will be placed within the streaming service unless you pay an additional fee.

Amazon announced the news immediately after Christmas, sending an email to subscribed users’ inboxes. The tech giant said it will charge an additional fee if subscribers wish not to have the spots, which will come by default. According to Amazon, the ads will be “significantly lower than traditional television and other television streaming service providers.”

According to the company, “this will allow us to continue to invest in engaging content and to continue to increase that investment over a long period of time. No action is required – explains Amazon – for Prime members. We will not make any changes in 2024 to the current price of Prime membership”.

That’s where

The move follows that of Netflix and Disney+, which have adopted a similar formula. It starts with the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada in early 2024. France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Australia will follow by the end of next year.

How much will it cost

The new ad-free plan will cost $2.99 ​​more per month, bringing the Amazon Prime subscription from $14.99 per month to $17.98 in the US. Overseas, Prime Video alone costs 8.99 dollars a month, which will become 11.98. The advertising will also arrive in Italy during 2024, but we do not know what the impact will be on the cost of the subscription which costs 4.99 euros per month and 49.90 euros per year including the Prime service.