Amazon reveals plans for artificial intelligence on Alexa

It will soon be possible to try the new dialogues with the assistant even on old Echoes is enhancing its cloud-based voice service, known as Alexa, with generative artificial intelligence technology so it can converse more like a human, the company announced Wednesday. During its 2023 product reveal event, Amazon revealed its plans to introduce generative AI to Alexa devices, both new and existing ones like Echoes. The technological assistant that finds its way onto millions of kitchen countertops around the world will soon be able to interact with people in a more human way, said Amazon, whose stock value has risen more than 60% this year.

During the event, Dave Limp, Amazon’s senior vice president of devices and services, commented: “I’ve always said that Alexa is the best personal AI, but so far it’s been a little too transactional for our tastes. This was due to the limitations of the technology, not our vision. Now it is possible to conduct near-human conversations with Alexa.” The demonstration of these new capabilities was carried out on the new Echo Show 8. During the presentation, Limp held a live conversation with Alexa on the topic of football, and the device remembered Limp’s favorite college team without him having to mention it. The voice service also suggested contextual dinner options while watching a game with friends and generated an invitation to the event instantly.

More good news for Echo customers is that they’ll be able to try these new conversational capabilities for free on Echo devices they already own, including those first released in 2014. Fervor over the future of AI has sent tech stocks soaring this year, with the Nasdaq Composite Index recording a 31% increase in 2023. Amazon, with its constant search for improvements in technology, is now aiming to make Alexa more human in the way it expresses itself, introducing inflections emotions such as laughter and surprises in his voice, scheduled for early next year.