Amazon Summit, Alliance against Deforestation: 113-point agreement

The South American countries of the Amazon had announced the creation of an alliance to fight deforestation, in a joint declaration, signed on Tuesday, released on the occasion of the summit in the Brazilian city of Belem. The purpose of the alliance is “to promote regional cooperation in the fight against deforestation, to prevent the Amazon from reaching the point of no return”, reads the declaration signed by Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

The common policy on respect for human rights

To achieve the goal, the declaration established 113 action points divided into different chapters. Among the most important are, precisely, the creation of the Amazonian Alliance against deforestation and the creation of an Amazonian Parliament; the coordination of security and intelligence forces in the fight against crime in the region with the creation of an International Police Cooperation Centre; a common policy on the respect for human rights and the protection of indigenous peoples. The declaration also reveals the date of the next summit which will be in Colombia in 2025.