Ambrogio Crespi: “At the Salerno Festival with Captain Ultimo to tell good examples”

“Returning to Salerno, where I was awarded with ‘Terra mia’ is a great pleasure. With the Salerno Festival, one of the oldest in the country, a relationship is consolidated “. Thus the director Ambrogio Crespi who will be guest of the 75th edition of the Salerno International Film Festival scheduled from 22 to 27 November. In fact, the event ‘Cinema, TV and examples to tell’ was presented during the press conference. On November 23 there will be a meeting, at the Pasolini room in Salerno, with Ambrogio Crespi, already awarded for his works. The initiative in collaboration with ‘Il Pezzo Impertinente’ and ‘BYS – By Your Side’. The guest of honor is Colonel Sergio De Caprio, in the world Captain Last.

“It will be a great opportunity for reflection with the Last Captain who is an example for the youngest and a builder of initiatives” adds Crespi. At the meeting the lawyer Donato D’Aiuto (president BYS – By Your Side), the honorable Gianpiero Zinzi (President of the Anticamorra and Confiscated Assets Regional Commission of Campania), the honorable Carmine Mocerino (former President of the Anticamorra regional Commission and Confiscated Goods of Campania).

The session will be moderated by Gaetano Amatruda, director of ‘Il Pezzo Impertinente’ and marketing manager of the Festival. “Thanks to the De Cesare family, who have made the Festival possible for years, there will be the opportunity to build the ‘stories of good’, of legality, of the state that reacts. We will do it with symbols, as are Crespi and the Last Captain, with the most representative institutions “. At the end of the debate, the Docufilm “Usura” by director Vincenzo Procida will be screened.