AMD is already working on the processors of the upcoming PlayStation and Xbox

The company publishes an announcement on LinkedIn and the first rumors begin

According to a job announcement posted on LinkedIn, AMD would be looking for a System-on-Chip Verification Engineer, a figure who will go to work on the SoC of next-generation video game consoles, namely the heirs of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. AMD expressly states in the post that the team that worked on the microprocessors that animate the current consoles are working on next-gen hardware, without stating further details. It is not clear if we are already thinking of a completely new generation, perhaps arriving in at least five years, or a mid-gen as happened in the case of PS4 and Xbox One, which after about three years on the market were replaced by revised and slightly enhanced versions. The advance work is not surprising, also in consideration of the fact that a year and a half after their release on the market both PS5 and Xbox Series X are very difficult to find in stores: due to the lack of materials and manufacturing for enough microprocessors, it is necessary start work many years before launch.