American Dad, the series renewed for another two seasons

The adventures of the family Smith they will continue to keep the public company. In the past few hours Comicbook has relaunched the news of the renewal of the series which will thus arrive in its nineteenth season.

American dad, the renewal

An international success that has made American Dad one of the most famous productions in the world. A little while ago the magazine shared a news that immediately wowed the public, namely that the series will have two more new seasons.

Executive Producers Matt Weitzman And Brian Boyle thus they will continue to work on the vicissitudes of the protagonists.

Matt Weitzman: “We will finally be able to tell the stories we have only dreamed of”

Matt Weitzman said: “We are all so grateful to TBS for the renewal of these two seasons. Having seasons eighteen and nineteen will mean that we will finally be able to tell the stories we have only dreamed of telling in seasons sixteen and seventeen ”.

Adrienne O’Riain and Sam Linsky, Co-Heads of Scripted Programming, TBS, TNT, truTV, said, “American Dad! it is reaching a rarefied atmosphere that only a few shows have achieved; this represents the humor for the zeitgeist that resonates with the public and with the dedication of its creators and TBS’s brilliant network executives ”.