America’s Cup, support boats powered only by hydrogen: this is foreseen by the new Protocol

The environmental turning point of the oldest regatta in the world

The service boats of the teams participating in the 37th America’s Cup must be powered by hydrogen. This is foreseen by the protocol developed between Team New Zealand and the official challenger Ineos Britannia for the next edition of the oldest and most famous regatta in the world.

“As part of the continued drive for innovation and clean new technology in the America’s Cup, it is now mandatory for all teams to build two hydrogen-powered foil support boats – the announcement of the new Protocol reads -. showing proven hydrogen technology in the marine sector will help create a revolutionary path for the industry at large and lead to a significant reduction in its ‘carbon footprint’. These boats must be at least 10 meters long. ” The boats will be able to reach a speed of 50 knots, just under 100 km / h, with a crew of at least 6 people.

“A significant percentage of the teams’ carbon footprints is in their operations in the water, through long days of testing, development and training,” said New Zealand team leader Grant Dalton. For the past year, we have researched, designed and now we are building a prototype hydrogen pursuit boat that will have a decisive effect on reducing the team’s carbon footprints, as well as promoting the development of hydrogen in the maritime sector. ”