Américo is back with everything and launches his new album CUMBIA DESPECHADA

After a successful 2022, El Rey de la Cumbia begins the year with his new album “CUMBIA DESPECHADA”, number 11 of his musical career.

This new work speaks of many feelings that AMÉRICO experienced during the pandemic, precisely from the reflection he maintains, “My album is focused on experiential pain, it is a very intimate album about heartbreak, spite and pain, a very organic, very acoustic cumbia , very simple, strongly incorporating the accordion”, says Américo.

“Cumbia Despechada came out in the hardest moments of the pandemic, not knowing what to do, being unemployed, experiencing personal imbalances, situations that must have happened to many. That’s when it occurred to me to put together songs that talked about the office, sadness and pain. We started to make the record remotely, it was hard, but we got through it”.

“You already know some singles, but you will be surprised to see the final result. This is my 11th album, which I consider to be one of the most important of my career”.

From “CUMBIA DESPECHADA” come the singles “Júrame”, “Aquí Abajo” (Christian Nodal), and “La Culpa” (Jessi Uribe), songs that are already a success on all music platforms.

The new single from this album is precisely the one that gives its name to the album “CUMBIA DESPECHADA”. “I feel that we are living a great moment for cumbia. Cumbia is a very strong movement within Latin romantic popular music” (Américo)

“CUMBIA DESPECHADA” has 11 songs, with themes from Christian Nodal, Jessi Uribe and Américo. The album was recorded at Minga Records studios, produced by Domingo Vega (Américo) and Gerónimo Labrada, mixed by José Salazar in Ecuador and mastered in the United States.

Américo confesses that this album is very much his, “very from the heart”, since it develops his personal and artistic process. “I have worked very hard to be able to live and feel these emotions and sensations, and every time they come and happen I get emotional in silence, I savor them and I thank them with strength and humility”.

Listen to Cumbia despachada de Américo