Amici 21, after the disciplinary measures chaos breaks out in the house: misunderstandings and discussions among the students

Amici 21, after the disciplinary measures chaos breaks out in the house: the boys argue among themselves.

In the Sunday 5 December episode of Amici 21, three pupils dropped out of school. Tommaso and Virginia were eliminated losing the challenge, while Guido was replaced by his teacher, Alessandra Celentano.

Amici 21, after the disciplinary measures the first quarrels break out between the boys (source: mediaset infinity)

Immediately after the episode, however, the boys were called back to the studio. The reason? Clips have been sent in which there is a strong disorder in the house, in particular in the rooms of some students. The attention focused on the room of Mattia, Christian and Dario and on that of Albe, LDA and Alex. Rudy Zerbi punished his pupil, saying that for the whole week he will have to clean the house and the other boys’ rooms. All the teachers talked about the lack of respect that the students show. But immediately after returning home, chaos broke out and the boys began to argue.

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Amici 21, after the disciplinary measures chaos breaks out in the little house: the students argue among themselves

As we have mentioned, after Sunday’s episode, Amici’s boys were sent back to the studio. This need is due to the fact that there is disorder in the house. Pupils are careless and often leave their clothes and things scattered around the room and do not maintain cleanliness.

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For this reason, some professors have given provisions for their pupils. Particularly, the attention focused on the room of Albe, LDA and Alex and on that of Dario, Christian and Mattia. When they were shown, Alex said that he always tidies up and that he always tells others to do it, Dario also explained to always order, but to take responsibility because he never told others to do it, when he saw the chaos. When the boys all returned to the house, there were several quarrels.

Albe Alex Lda Amici 21
source mediaset infinity

Albe said she didn’t know where to put things so she left them where they were found, but Alex said there is space and she could also put them under the bed. “I was wrong, I’m not justifying myself “says Albe, accused of not having said before that the things on display were his. Nicol and Rea also argued. The first accused the second of being messy: “If I am aware that I did it, why do I have to go through the one he didn’t do?”. Not only that, the misunderstandings continued between Dario, Christian and Mattia. Raimondo’s students accused the dancer Dario of having passed the message that he cleans and orders and they don’t. A day, apparently, very eventful, which gave rise to the first discussions among the students of Amici 21.