Amici 21, LDA performs in the episode: Gigi D’Alessio’s ‘comment’ arrives

Amici 21, in Sunday’s episode LDA performed on the notes of “It’s oh so quiet”, and unexpectedly comes a comment from Gigi D’Alessio.

Amici di Maria De Filippi has reached its twenty-first edition. There has been a lot of news this year. The talent no longer airs on Saturday afternoons, but on Sundays. As we know, the boys, due to the health emergency due to the covid, live together in the house. This is to avoid having contact with the outside.

Amici 21, LDA performs in the episode and unexpectedly comes the comment of Gigi D’Alessio (source mediaset infinity)

Precisely for this reason, for example, even in the two steps, the dancers can dance with their companions, but not with a professional or a plexiglass is placed between the two. A new episode was aired on Sunday 21 November. The singers faced a new competition, bringing a song assigned not by their teacher and then it was the teachers who gave a grade. We know that LDA is the son of Gigi D’Alessio. The pupil performed singing It’s oh so quiet, piece assigned by Anna Pettinelli. And just during Sunday’s episode, for Zerbi’s pupil, a comment from Gigi arrived.

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Amici 21, LDA performs in the episode: the unexpected comment by Gigi D’Alessio arrives

On Sunday 21 November, there was a new episode of Friends of Maria De Filippi. The singers faced a new singing competition, this time judged by the professors, on a piece assigned not by their teacher. LDA sang the song It’s oh so quiet, by Bjork, awarded by Anna Pettinelli.

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The latter gave zero to the student, because he said that the idea was given to him by Zerbi, his professor and it is not his. We know that when the boys perform, their photos are published on Amici’s official profile, explaining what they are bringing to the studio. Well, right at the bottom of the LDA photo, during the episode, Gigi D’Alessio left a comment.

Amici 21, comment by Gigi D'Alessio for LDA
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Hi, I’m the father of LDA “, wrote the artist, complete with applause. It is evident that Gigi really enjoyed her son’s performance and this comment seems to show the great pride he feels.