Amici 21, Mattia is still suspended: Raimondo’s request, only in this way will he get the shirt back

Amici 21, Mattia still has his shirt suspended and Raimondo Todaro, his teacher, makes a particular request to take it back.

Last week, to Amici, Maestro Raimondo Todaro suspended Mattia’s shirt, his pupil. This decision was due to the fact that, according to Todaro, the dancer behaved badly during the lessons with the professionals, showing a very superficial attitude.

Amici 21, Mattia still has the suspended shirt: what is Raimondo’s request (source instagram)

For this reason, the choice to suspend his shirt. Mattia had a moment of despair, trying to explain that it wasn’t like that for him. In the Sunday episode of the race, the student was not present in the studio and did not return. In the previous daytime, Raimondo called his pupil and talked to him. He made a request to the dancer: only in this way will he be able to take back the shirt.

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Amici 21, Mattia still has his shirt suspended: how can he take it back, Raimondo’s request

The episode of Friends of Maria De Filippi. Unfortunately, there were two eliminations, that of Simone and Andrea, and a new entry, with the inclusion of a bank. It was the teacher Celentano who asked for it and so, after the professors expressed their opinion, Virginia entered.

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Mattia, the Latin American student, was not present in the studio. In Week, Raimondo Todaro, his teacher, suspended his shirt, for his attitude considered superficial, during the lesson with the professionals. These days, Raimondo called his student in the studio and made a specific request. Only in this way will he be able to take back the shirt. But what did the Latin dance master ask?

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Todaro has no doubts, Mattia will regain the shirt only when he manages to make at least three laps to the left on his left foot. “If you make them for me now, I’ll give you the shirt now, if you make them tomorrow morning, I’ll give it back to you tomorrow .. because you didn’t understand anything “, Todaro said. The request is precise. Once back in the house, Mattia began to try, in order to get back to the shirt. Will he succeed? We’ll see!