Amici 21, surprise in episode for the teacher: she did not expect this gesture from Maria De Filippi

Amici 21, the surprise for the ballet teacher arrives: she did not expect this gesture from Maria De Filippi.

A new episode of Amici di Maria de Filippi will be broadcast shortly and as always the twists will not be lacking. We know that registration usually takes place on Wednesdays. Precisely for this reason, the public present, through social media, makes known in detail what happened at the end.

Surprise in the studio at Amici 21 for the teacher (source mediaset infinity)

It would seem that, according to the previews, all the challenges have been won by the students of the school. There will be a new ranking for singers, but this time drawn up by the professors. But before getting to the heart of the episode, there was a completely unexpected surprise for the teacher Alessandra Celentano, by Maria De Filippi.

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Friends 21, surprise for the teacher: Maria De Filippi’s gesture was unexpected

Friends of Maria De Filippi has reached its twenty-first edition. This year started well in advance, compared to past editions. The class has been formed, but as always, the kids have to work hard to convince the teachers.

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In these first two months, we have seen a lot of challenges, and there have also been some eliminations. Above all, there was no lack of clashes between professors. Different thoughts and tastes lead to open discussion. As already mentioned, the episode is recorded on Wednesday and for this we know in advance what happened. The audience presents the details in detail. Apparently, there should be a surprise for the ballet teacher. But what is it about?

Friends 21
source mediaset play

Maria De Filippi opens the episode in a different way. Enter the studio with a cake. The reason? It’s Alessandra Celentano’s birthday. Sure, this surprise was completely unexpected, but pleasant. In fact, the episode was recorded on Wednesday 17 November, the day of birth of the dance teacher. Immediately after, we enter the heart of the talent show, with challenges, performances and many squabbles. All that remains is to follow the new crackling episode of Amici di Maria De Filippi: the twists will not be lacking!