Amici 21, what happens to LDA leaves you speechless: the student did not expect it

What happens to LDA to Amici 21 leaves you speechless: the student did not expect it.

Soon we will have the opportunity to follow a new episode of Amici 21. We know that the appointment with the talent is registered a few days before and for this we know in advance what happens. The audience present, once the recording is finished, reports everything in detail.

Amici 21, surprise for LDA: Rudy Zerbi’s pupil did not expect it (source: mediaset infinity)

In this new episode, we anticipate that there will be some real twists, which will leave you speechless. If you don’t want to know the details, you better stop here. But during the episode, something completely unexpected also happened for LDA, a pupil of Rudy Zerbi.

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It happens at LDA to Amici 21: Rudy Zerbi’s pupil did not expect it

A new episode will be broadcast shortly of Amici 21 and also this time, as in the previous ones, there will be many twists. Indeed, we must say that, in this episode, there will be many and even unexpected ones.

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Unfortunately, three pupils drop out of school. It would seem, in fact, that the dancer Guido, has been replaced by his teacher, Alessandra Celentano. To lose the challenge, Virginia. The dancer arrived, during the week, in the last places in the dance competition judged by the talent professionals and entered the challenge. Also Carola he was among the last, but he won. To get out of school too Thomas, who finished last in the ranking judged last Sunday by Giulia Michelini. But in this episode, there will be a twist, which concerns LDA. Are you curious to find out what it is?

Friends, LDA
source mediaset infinity

Well, for the pupil of Rudi Zerbi there will be a big surprise. His gold record, obtained with the song, was shown in the studio What hurts. Already in recent days the news had cropped up, but now it is official. A great achievement for the singer, who certainly did not expect. Congratulations to LDA, we are sure that he will continue to amaze us with his talent.