Amici 22, what Federica did before entering the school

Amici 22, what Federica did before entering the school: she told it herself.

The new edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi began in September with the entry of new students. We met them in the first episode and we also found out who is part of the teaching staff this year. Anna Pettinelli and Veronica Peparini are not there: Arisa is at the singing teachers’ table, while Emanuel Lo is at the dance teachers’ table. In recent months there have been many dance and singing competitions and there have been the first suspensions of the shirt and also several eliminations.

Federica, what was she doing (credits: youtube) sologossip

Emanuel has recently decided to eliminate his pupil Ludovica. As he said, he didn’t make this decision because he questioned her talent. In addition to this elimination, the boys have violated some rules in recent weeks. First of all, they left the house in a mess and dirt and this has led to some disciplinary action.

We have to say that all the students are very good and the public likes them. Federica is getting particularly noticed, the singer chosen by Arisa. She appeared to have tiptoed in but in no time she was out. Many times, during the races in the episodes, she is among the first places. She is self-taught, in fact she explained that she has never studied singing. Before joining Amici you did something else, Do you know what job he did? Let’s find out together!

Amici 22, what Federica did before entering the school

Amici’s singers and dancers are getting noticed. In these three months they have had the opportunity to relate to the professors and understand how they work, and also with the professionals. In addition, each teacher was able to understand the potential of the students. There have been many dance and singing competitions in the previous episodes. There has also been a change in this regard compared to past years, in fact the students who arrive first are almost always rewarded with new performances, even outside Amici’s school.

For example, in the previous episodes, Gianmarco and Aaron were chosen to dance and sing at the final of Tu si que vales and conquered the audience. Everyone likes it very much and among the singers who are getting noticed is Federica, pupil of Arisa. In a short time she has managed to emerge more and more so that she too is often among the first places in singing competitions. But do you know what she did before entering the school?

federica before entering
What did (credits: youtube) sologossip

Federica has never studied singing and is self-taught, as she herself said in the first episode and also in someone else. Before entering the twenty-second edition of Amici she was a hairdresser. She has always had a passion for singing and this year she decided to try to enter.