Amici will air regularly on Sunday 6th February?

Amici will air regularly on Sunday 6th February? What do we know about the next episode of the talent show.

Small stop for Friends of Maria De Filippi. Yesterday, Sunday 30 January, in fact, the transmission of Maria De Filippi was broadcast in an abridged version, with an episode different from the usual ones. No recording in the studio, but the editing of several clips, dedicated to the path of the various students of the school. This is because the usual midweek registration has been canceled, due to some cases of Covid among the professional dancers of the program. Many now ask themselves: Friends will it be back on the air regularly next week?

Amici will air regularly on Sunday 6th February? What do we know about the next episode of the talent show. (Source Mediaset Infinity)

At the moment the broadcast continues with its daily streak every day, after Men and Women. But what do we know about the episode scheduled for next Sunday?

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Amici will air next Sunday? What do we know about the episode of February 6

Will Amici air regularly next Sunday? Viewers wonder after yesterday’s stop, in which a special episode of Maria De Filippi’s talent show was broadcast. Well, barring unforeseen events, Friends will return to classic mode on Sunday 6th February.

According to Amici News, the next recording of the program will take place on Saturday 5th February and, therefore, in time for the airing on Sunday. The broadcast will start regularly at 2.00 pm and will end at 4.30 pm, unlike what happened yesterday. The Amici special, in fact, ended earlier and a super episode of Verissimo was aired, which opened early, at 3:30 pm.

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(Source Mediaset Infinity)

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Don’t worry, therefore, for Amici fans: the program will soon be back on the air, with new challenges, new rankings and, above all, new eliminations. The evening is getting closer and unfortunately there is no room for everyone in the final phase of the broadcast: which of the students will be able to conquer the much desired golden sweatshirt? Appointment on Sunday to find out all the news. Do you have any favorite competitors?