Amir Sharifi, well-known Iranian artist, dedicates an exhibition to the young Kurdish Mahsa Amini in Rome from 5 August

He will exhibit in the Gallery of Miracles in via del Corso

In the Galleria dei Miracoli in Rome (in via del Corso, 528) the exhibition ‘La nostra Luna’ by the well-known Iranian artist Amir Sharifi will be presented next Saturday 5 August (from 5 to 7 pm). The exhibition is dedicated to Mahsa Amini, a young Iranian Kurdish who died following the beatings received by the moral police of Tehran, last September 2022 because a tuft of her hair had come out of her veil.

The exhibition includes a series of paintings, some of which show the acronym Donna Vita Libertà, a slogan used by demonstrators to identify their protests against the regime. But also images of pain, suffering and terror that many of those arrested have experienced during their detention. (continued)

‘Soon the first anniversary of the uprising of the Iranian people’

“We are approaching the anniversary of the Iranian people’s uprising against repression -said Sharifi- Men, women and children have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country. My art is my weapon. Mahsa is our moon and our code word”.

The title of the exhibition is in fact “Our moon”, which takes the name of Mahsa: in Persian Luna. The proceeds from the sales of the artistic works will be donated to the demonstrators protesting against the Iranian regime and their families. The exhibition is organized by the international art magazine Parsforte.