Amplifon, Fincantieri, Fininvest, Mediobanca, Snam: the waltz of communicators

Change roles in 5: Lorenza Pigozzi, Stefano Tassone, Manrico Lucchi, Salvatore Ricco, Teresa Girardi

A real round of armchairs. With a domino effect, they arrived in a few weeks five important appointments in the world of communication. Lorenza Pigozzi in Fincantieri, Stefano Tassone in Mediobanca, Manrico Lucchi in Fininvest, Salvatore Ricco in Amplifon, Teresa Girardi in Snam.

Fincantieri. It comes from Mediobanca

Lorenza Pigozzi, with the role of communications and external relations director. After some experiences in the world of finance in companies such as Lazard and Banca IMI, Pigozzi arrived in Piazzetta Cuccia in 2001, where he held numerous roles up to becoming the communication and institutional relations director of Mediobanca in 2013, managing the brand’s reputation also at the turn of two governance changes, as well as during the Eurozone debt crisis.

Mediobanca. He nominated Stefano Tassone head of Group Communications. Tassone will report to CEO Alberto Nagel and will lead the Group Communications Department. He joined Mediobanca in 2008 where he held positions of increasing responsibility within the Group Communication Department, including Head of Financial & Corporate Communications (2013) and Head of Media Relations & Channels Management (2017).

Fininvest. Starting next November 3rd, Manrico Lucchi he will be the new Communications Director of the holding company to which the Berlusconi group belongs. He spent most of his career at UniCredit, where he held numerous positions in communication up to assuming the leadership of the media relations function, with responsibility for relations with the Italian and international press and the supervision of the group’s digital communication.

Amplifon. The new Chief communication officer is Salvatore Ricco. He comes from Snam, where he held the position of Senior Vice President of Communication and Marketing and where he was also CEO of the benefit company Arbolia. Previously he was Communications Director at CIR Group and Head of corporate press office at Pirelli.

Snam. After the departure of Salvatore Ricco, who was Senior Vice President Communication and Marketing, who moved to Amplifon, Teresa Girardiuntil now in charge of internal communication, becomes Head of Marketing and External Relations, while Roberta Vivenzio remains in charge of Global Media Relations.