Amsterdam, in the red light district the windows will be covered by curtains

One of the most iconic places in Amsterdam, the city’s famous red light district where prostitutes show up in windows to attract passers-by, could undergo significant changes. The local council is set to vote this week on a bill to clean up Amsterdam’s image that sees the red curtains of brothels in the city’s famed De Wallen district – currently closed only when a customer is seen – to remain closed forever. Customers will be asked to book via a QR code on their smartphones instead of talking to the prostitute behind the glass.

The workers are against it

According to the Dutch Liberal Party, which proposed the new law, sex work has become a tourist attraction, which has led to “degrading and undesirable” behavior towards sex workers by drunk tourists. This behavior “does not help improve the position of women in the MeToo era”. However, sex workers themselves in the city have said the new measures will make them less safe as they won’t be able to see who booked them in until the client arrives. Other measures to crack down on nuisance tourism, by the way, were voted on this week alongside a proposal to force tents to stay closed.