An almost normal family, plot and cast of the Swedish series that is popular on Netflix

The television series arrived on Netflix a few days ago An almost normal family, based on the bestseller of the same name by writer Mattias Edvardsson, which is enjoying enormous success. She tells of a girl who is accused of murder, thus upsetting the life of her parents who seemed perfect (but she wasn’t perfect at all, as we will discover episode after episode).

Swedish produced, it is a crime genre miniseries consisting of six episodes. It was released last November 24th on Netflix and is currently at the top of the streaming platform’s charts (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the Now Smart Stick app).
Let’s find out everything you need to know about this show that is driving everyone crazy, demonstrating how crime genre products are still among the most popular on the small screen.
The bestseller of the same name by Mattias Edvardsson on which the series is based was already a crazy success, with over 550 thousand copies sold in 35 different countries (in Italy, Rizzoli published it).
The protagonists of this disturbing story are the actors Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors (here in her debut) in the role of the protagonist, the nineteen-year-old Stella who will be accused of being a murderer; Lo Kauppi as Ulrika Sandell, who plays Stella’s mother; Björn Bengtsson as Adam Sandell, Stella’s father.
The Sandells are a family that, at first glance, seems perfect: the father, Adam, is a priest, while the mother, Ulrika, is a lawyer. The parents’ two professions seem to predict what will happen to their daughter: accused of murder, the priest and the lawyer are the two professional (and spiritual) figures who are linked to the murder cases, which certainly seems not to have been chosen by chance.

Everything revolves around the protagonist, the young Stella. This family unit lives a seemingly normal life in an elegant residential suburb on the outskirts of Lund. But the tear in the paper sky, to put it in Pirandello’s words, will come when Stella ends up in prison on charges of murder. At this point the great protagonists of the series become the parents: shocked by what happened, they are groping in the dark, they don’t know what to do and they wonder how something like this could have happened. They want to help their daughter at any cost, but they wonder if they really know her. In addition to wondering if they really know her, they also start to wonder if they know each other.

You can watch the trailer of the television series An almost normal family in the video you find at the bottom of this article.

A series that stages one of a parent’s greatest nightmares

The reason why this television series is so popular is because it manages to stage one of the biggest nightmares of any parent. That nightmare is discovering that your child has committed something as atrocious as murder, something unforgivable but that a parent, precisely because of this being a parent, must find a way to forgive, because he is a child and is always a child. (even if in reality this is not always the case, since certain mistakes cannot be forgiven even by a mother and a father, as unfortunately crime news often teaches us…).
“I am deeply grateful to Netflix for having been chosen as the director of a TV series like An Almost Normal Family,” commented director Per Hanefjord. “Mattias Edvardsson’s novel, the screenplay and the fantastic cast offered me the best possible conditions for a very strong story. Right from the start, I appreciated how the story really has something profound: it raises complex issues, offers depth to the characters and all this with engaging suspense.”

Edvardsson: “It’s a dream to see my book come to life as a Netflix TV series”

“I’m overwhelmed! It’s a dream come true to see my book come to life as a Netflix TV series,” said Mattias Edvardsson, author of the book An almost normal family. “The script is very solid and Per Hanefjord is a fantastic director who is as passionate as ever about the story. It was important to me that the series was filmed in Lund, where the book is also set.”

As we read in these hours in an article that appeared on Todaythe internet is literally obsessed with this Swedish murder mystery on Netflix.
But let’s find out who the murder victim is: in the six-episode miniseries, nineteen-year-old Stella Sandell (Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors) is accused of killing her 32-year-old boyfriend, Chris Olsen (Christian Fandango).
Yet, despite the semi-normality portrayed in the title, this family is no stranger to traumatic events, as the viewer will discover from the first episode… An event from Stella’s past has caused a rift that has reverberated for years, culminating in today, that is when diegetically the girl is accused of murder. Without spoiling anything, the invitation is to enjoy the most popular crime television series of these hours: An almost normal family it is available on Netflix (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick).

You can watch the official trailer below.