An unmistakable style: have you ever seen Rita Rusic’s house? A real gem

Have you ever seen Rita Rusic’s house? On Instagram we tracked down some shots: a real jewel, her style is unmistakable.

After staying in the house of the GF Vip, Rita Rusic has chosen to get back into the game again. She decided to take part in the Beijing Expresso for a very specific reason together with her partner, the beloved actress is proving to have all the credentials to win the victory. Will she really be like this? We’ll see! In the meantime, let’s find out where she lives together.

Have you ever seen Rita Rusic’s house? She where she lives. Credits: Instagram

Gianni Morandi’s house is truly magnificent, right? Well. That of Rita Rusic will leave you even more speechless. Sifting through her Instagram channel, we tracked down some videos that portray her in her house. Have you ever seen it? We’ll take care of telling you some of the details about her. Pay close attention, however, to her style: she is truly unmistakable, just like her personality.

Have you also seen Rita Rusic’s house? A dream!

Just like Cristina Chiabotto, who said she wanted a furniture that reflects her personality to the full, even that of house of Rita Rusic it would appear to do so. Very bright, with huge spaces and a decidedly princely décor, the home of the beloved actress and producer is a real gem. Let’s find out some of the details of her together.

From what we learn, it would seem that Rita Rusic currently lives in Rome in a truly dream home. Here’s what we managed to track down on Instagram.

rita rusic casa
Credits: Instagram

Let’s assume that this room that Rita Rusic is shown in this video is the bedroom itself. Equipped with a large window that allows the entry of an amazing light, the room has white walls and curtains. Have you also noticed what appears on the left? Yes, it’s really him: the fireplace!

rita rusic fireplace
Credits: Instagram

Flanked by black colored statues, the fireplace would appear to have a brown outline. Finally, you can’t help but notice the artwork placed above it at all.

Rita Rusic sofa
Credits: Instagram

To enclose this jewel, we show you another little “gem” of the Rusic house. We told you it mirrored his personality, didn’t we?