Anarchists, “Anni di Piombo” appeal: “Political forces are united, we need national solidarity

Perruggini: “41 bis untouchable, no more processions of parliamentarians at Cospito’s bedside”

“It seems rather surreal to witness what is happening. If there is no strong national solidarity between the political forces at this moment when will there be? After having achieved a great result with the capture of the fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro we expected a different attitude by political exponents. The years of lead have left us wounds that are still open today which should be healed with a profound search for truth to which Messina Denaro could certainly contribute”. This was stated to Adnkronos by Potito Perruggini, president of ‘Anni di Piombo – national observatory for historical truth’, speaking on the political controversies on 41bis and appealing “to Parliament on the untouchability of ’41bis'”.

“Giovanni Impastato did well to write to Messina Denaro’s young daughter urging her to intervene to break the umbilical cord of her family with the mafia of the massacres and, it is not excluded, with deviant sectors of the institutions – he continues – And instead what happens? We witness to the processions of parliamentarians at the bedside of a multiple offender who abuses a symbolic protest of Gandhian memory to continue the threat to the Italian state”.

“Do we want to try, once and for all, to demonstrate that we are a united nation that exclusively protects the safety of its citizens, without unscrupulous dual purposes, ambiguous but rewarded with ‘legion of honour’?” asks Perruggini.

“The anarchists are openly threatening the state and Cospito was brought to 41 bis because even from prison he was able to manage the herd, he is such a perverse manipulator that he is maneuvering them by putting pressure on them with his ‘sacrifice’ until he dies for the cause. He is practically a kamikaze – continues Perruggini – He is a terrorist and must be kept alive out of respect for the life that we must show to our children, but nothing more”.

“The question we ask ourselves is how can some parliamentarians have fallen into the trap and allowed themselves to be manipulated by this criminal? Let’s hope that in this case we don’t think wrong! – he continues – The small group of young occupants of Sapienza, but with all probably also many occupants of the benches of Parliament know little of the recent past of the ‘Years of Lead’ and of the demonstrated foreign influences”.

“Even today, a small minority tries to influence the freedom of the entire nation by defining our main authorities as ‘murderers’, to whom our unconditional solidarity goes. Who benefits from all this? We don’t want any of this to ever happen again! In addition to the thousands of innocent victims, the main victim was the Italian nation – he concludes – The time has come to stand united unequivocally and clearly for or against the nation, for or against the Italians. On the 30th anniversary of the mafia massacres in Milan, Florence, Rome in 1993, symbolic actions are no longer enough, concrete gestures are needed. We appeal to all political forces so that Parliament approves a motion as soon as possible which commits the government to the untouchability of the ’41 bis’ strongly desired by the beloved Giovanni Falcone ” .