Anarchists, Berlusconi: “Come on Italy stay away from controversy, 41 bis remains like this”

“The state cannot and must not give in to any blackmail”

“This fight against those who attack democracy is for the freedom of all and has cost the sacrifice of many human lives. Also to honor their memory we must continue to promote this unity and in no way lend our side to those who want to divide us. This was the attitude we took on the case of Alfredo Cospito. Forza Italia has kept well away from any form of controversy” Thus the president of Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi, interviewed by Giuseppe Brindisi in Zona Bianca broadcast tonight on Retequattro.

“Political violence in Italy is not such a distant memory, it polluted Italian political life and democracy until a few years ago. The State cannot and must not give in to any blackmail. The 41 biswhich is an instrument applied independently by the judiciary against dangerous criminals and multiple homicides, it must stay that wayBerlusconi says.

“To any kind of threat – he adds – against democracy and peaceful coexistence, Italy, through its political system, has always responded and still has to respond with unity and community of purpose. Even the Christian Democrats and the Communist Party against the Red Brigades, in the midst of the Cold War”.

He then underlines: “As regards the condition of our prisons, I would like to recall that I was the only leader in Italy to ask for the creation of new structures that could finally be able to fulfill their fundamental function, that of re-educating prisoners” .