Anarchists, Donzelli: “We will defend hard prison and 41 bis”

The parliamentarian and Fdi organization manager on the Cospito case and wiretapping

“At the moment the terrorists who are supporting Cospito and who carried out the attacks obviously do not agree, the mafia who want the lightening of the 41bis do not agree. We are convinced that the state does not come down to terrorism and the mafia to an agreement with anyone and does not deal with mafia or terrorists. We will continue to defend the harsh prison and the 41bis”, assured the parliamentarian and head of organization of Fdi, John Donzelli on In Onda, on La7.

“We do not limit wiretaps either for the mafia or for satellite crimes. We will work in agreement with the judiciary, as Meloni and Nordio have said, to avoid aggravations in the publication and dissemination of wiretaps that only damage the good work of magistrates’, added the parliamentarian speaking of justice.

“On how it should improve – explained Donzelli – the Ministry is working and will work with the magistrates and if necessary also with the Order of Journalists, but there is concrete evidence that the Orlando reform has not worked entirely. Example: I am not I am a jurist but I speak as a politician, I did not like reading Luca Morisi’s sexual orientations to then discover that he was perfectly innocent, just as I would not have liked to read the private opinions of a governor of a region on a virologist when he was not there at that moment it was a crime by neither the virologist nor the president of the Region. It can be improved. We will find a way without gagging the newspapers and the judiciary, but the use of wiretaps for the mafia and satellite crimes must be guaranteed “, he concluded Donzelli.