Anarchists, General Tricarico: “Movement can strengthen its reaction”

“The State cannot delay a justice response on the case of Alfredo Cospito”

The anarchist movement should not be underestimated and, on the other hand, the State cannot delay a justice response on the case of Alfredo Cospito, the anarchist imprisoned in the Bancali prison in Sassari, on hunger strike for over a hundred days to protest against the 41 bis regime at the which is submitted. This is in summary the thought of General Leonardo Tricarico, former Chief of Staff of the Air Force and one of the leading experts on security and terrorism.

Solidarity is turning, in the last few hours, into increasingly heated protest. The attacks carried out against our diplomacy in Athens, Barcelona and Berlin, the street violence in Rome, the bullets aimed at the director of the Tyrrhenian Sea and at the attorney general Francesco Saluzzo, the Molotov cocktail against a police station in the capital are the latest episodes in the case , an escalation that comes as no surprise to those familiar with the phenomenon. “If anything, it is surprising – Tricarico explains to Adnkronos – the delay with which the anarchist movement reacted to the treatment reserved for Cospito and to the harsh conditions of detention reserved for those who have committed massacres by mafias or crimes of equal gravity”.

The anarchist movement, “it should be remembered, has always had its own international organization and a connection to a well-oiled and active system widespread in almost all countries. The question is of an exclusively juridical nature, I would expect a prompt ruling from the Court of Cassation. Justice must not act under blackmail, but frankly the times that have passed seem excessive even for public opinion as well as for the convicted, we are not faced with investigations to be completed but with a critical evaluation of what has already been ascertained and happened”.

The hearing scheduled for April 20 in Cassation on the appeal of Cospito’s lawyer against the 41 bis has been brought forward to March 7, but the wait could light new fuses. “The actions put in place are violent, the anarchist movement has its international dimension and can certainly strengthen its reaction, not for this but for criteria of justice the examination before the judges must be accelerated”, he claims. On the hypothesis that Russia may be behind these acts, ready to destabilize by throwing fuel on the fire, General Tricarico replies: “We must stick to the facts, at the moment no elements emerge to be able to give an attribution of this type , but nothing can be excluded especially when acting behind the scenes. Anyone who says this, however, should argue and not speculate”.