Anarchists, Meloni: “We don’t negotiate”. Ovation for the premier in Milan

The prime minister warms up the audience of the Dal Verme theater at the center-right event in support of Attilio Fontana’s candidacy

The audience of the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan warmed up, where the center-right event is underway in support of the candidacy of Attilio Fontana, when the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni from the stage he spoke of the anarchists, who – he said – “certainly cannot negotiate with us”. Standing audience, flags of the entire center-right waving, applause and shouts “Giorgia, Giorgia” accompanied the words of the Prime Minister. The same ovation with which the premier was welcomed on stage. “Thanks for your enthusiasm, but guys, we’ll finish at 9…”, said Meloni, who was also greatly applauded when she spoke of the European legislation on insect meal and the numbers of repatriations. “Don’t give up Giorgia”, the audience shouted before the conclusion of the speech, which was followed by a long applause from the standing audience.

“We have given very clear signals against the mafia. You see, I don’t know if there has ever been a state-mafia negotiation, I think not, but certainly when the first measure of this government was to save the impediment prison, that is one of the most effective tools of fighting the mafia, the message we gave is that the mafia certainly couldn’t deal with us. As with us, they can’t deal with anarchists and those who think they threaten us, because a serious state doesn’t back down and enforces the rules”. , the words of the premier.