Anarchists, Razzante: “Founded threats to critical infrastructures, pay attention to the Sanremo “showcase”

“The state of health of a prisoner cannot constitute an element of pressure on the Government. No better sentence than this one from Minister Nordio can exemplify the circumstances for which the anarchist Cospito cannot be removed from the prison regime of the 41 bis”. This was stated by Ranieri Razzante, a well-known expert on organized crime and terrorism. “I am very concerned by the messages that this affair is sending to public opinion and above all to the ordinary citizen, who is afraid for his safety by virtue of issues instrumentally agitated by those who have an interest in the State dealing with terrorists and mafiosi. The threats against critical infrastructures and sensitive objectives are well-founded and current, both for our country and for the European countries”, he observes.

“The alarm for the next ‘showcase’ that will be offered by the Sanremo singing event – observes Razzante, who was Cybersecurity Advisor to the Draghi Government – is also well founded, given that the use of interference and attack tools of computer matrix are unfortunately available both to the anarchist movement and to possible supporters among groups of hackers of the same nature”.