Anatomy of a Scandal star Hannah Dodd will play Francesca Bridgerton in Bridgerton 3

While season number two of Bridgerton continues to maintain a firm place in the preferences of the audience of the streaming TV this season, at Shondaland the preparations for the realization of the new cycle of episodes are intensified, the production of which should start in a few weeks. Among the latest updates from the production, the news ofentry into the cast from Hannah Dodd represents an important novelty. The twenty-six-year-old actress will in fact be the new face of Francesca Bridgertona character previously played by Ruby Stokes.

Ruby Stokes leaves the show

The new set of Bridgerton will therefore open with the replacement of a cast member. The motivation of the recasting of the character of Francesca Bridgerton was officially motivated by the arrival of new commitments on the part of Ruby Stokes who abandons the show in which she has taken part since 2020. The actress, who until now has given her face to the young Bridgerton, is expected in a new production that would have offered her a starring role, an unmissable opportunity for her career. Specifically, it’s about Lockwood & co. , mystery series animated by teenagers, soon distributed by Netflix, based on the novels of the same name by Jonathan Stroud. The crinolines of the introvert Francesca pass, therefore, to another face of Netflix productions, Hannah Dodd who recently played a secondary but interesting part in Anatomy of a scandaldrama miniseries starring Sienna Miller and Rupert Friend.

Francesca Bridgerton’s future on the show

Manufacturers of Bridgerton certainly have plans for the development of the character of Francesca Bridgerton, who until now has not yet played a particular role in the adventurous romantic affairs of her brothers and sisters. As is known, the authors intend to dedicate a season of the successful series to each of the eight children of Lady Violet and Lord Edmund but the question of the renewal for now does not go beyond the fourth cycle of episodes with the future of the title in the hands of the public. who will establish longevity with their preferences. Francesca Bridgerton could be an interesting character as she is waiting to be discovered. She is reserved and, at the limit, shy, she appears different from the other members of the family, a mysterious character with a fickle nature, therefore, worthy of further study.