Anci Assembly, Meloni: “We will respect the completion of the Pnrr, decisive municipalities”

The Prime Minister, in a video message sent to the 40th meeting of the National Association of Italian Municipalities underway in Genoa, recalled the centrality of the mayors for the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan with “interventions worth a total of 40 billion euros”

“The role of the municipalities was decisive and the government is grateful”, said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in the video message sent on the occasion of the 40th annual assembly of the Anci, the national association of Italian municipalities which opened this morning in Genoa in the presence of the Head of State Sergio Mattarella. The Prime Minister underlined the importance of the municipalities in the implementation of the Pnrr with interventions worth a total of 40 billion euros: “It was not an easy challenge but if we managed to obtain important results we owe it to the work we carried out together “, said Meloni, recalling how mayors are “the prime mover in overcoming imbalances and disparities, ensuring cohesion and unity”.

Decaro (Anci): “Shifting of Pnrr resources is a cold shower”

At the beginning of his speech, the mayor of Bari and president of Anci Antonio Decaro paid homage to the head of state emeritus Giorgio Napolitano, who died on 22 September: “Napolitano demonstrated a sense of responsibility during his presidency, the mayors demonstrate in the exercise of the mandate”, said Decaro who then recalled the recent tensions between the government and the Municipalities in the implementation of the national recovery and resilience plan: “It was a cold shower to learn the desire to move European money from programs that are of interest to the Municipalities”, said the president of Anci: “There was a moment in which institutional trust was broken. We felt we were in the dock even though we knew we had done better than others”. Until October 26, around three thousand mayors will participate in the convention in the Blue Pavilion of the Genoa Fair and the presence of government ministers is expected.