Anci-Coripet agreement, Pet collection and recycling grow in three years

From 2020 the volumes, the agreements with the Municipalities and the eco-compactors in the area have increased

Growing numbers in the collection and recycling of Pet three years after the start of the agreement between Anci, the National Association of Italian Municipalities, and Coripet, the consortium that deals with starting the recycling of plastic bottles in Pet. The collaboration was launched in 2020 through the signing of a specific Agreement which provided for the creation of a specific database, open and transparent, capable of ensuring the monitoring of the progress of the collections of PET packaging.

Some data: the number of conventions entered into went from 477 in 2020 to 676 in 2021, to reach a total of 737 conventions in 2022, for a total of around 58 million citizens involved and over 6500 municipalities involved. From 2020 to 2021, there was also an increase in the volumes of PET containers managed directly with the Anci-Coripet agreement and the related fees paid to the Municipalities: they went from 71,935 tons in 2020 to 127,700 in 2021 (data at net of the adjustments between the various consortia operating in the management of Pet); the total volume of PET containers managed per inhabitant stood at 1.2 kg/inhabitant in 2020 and 2.1 kg/inhabitant in 2021 (+75%); the fees paid by Coripet to the Municipalities or their delegates totaled approximately 24.5 million euros for 2021 and 43 million (net of the adjustments between the various consortia operating in the management of the Pet).

The number of installations of eco-compactors is also growing. In 2020 there were 142 eco-compactors operating at large-scale distribution points of sale and in other structures such as sports centres, schools, meeting places, subways. In 2021 they reached 363 and in 2022 there were 765 operatives who contributed overall to the selective collection of 3,843 tons of plastic containers for liquids in Pet.

“The Anci-Coripet agreement has achieved the important objective of defining the rules to allow the entry of new subjects into the market and the increase of the agreements stipulated with the Municipalities – declares Corrado Dentis, president of Coripet – it has allowed a diffusion increasingly widespread throughout the territory of the culture of environmental protection, combined with a series of practical actions in which citizens become protagonists. Without neglecting that we have recorded a good and effective response from local authorities: a sign that the territorial policies of sustainability are open to synergy with subjects, such as Coripet, capable of combining environmental protection, openness to the market and attention to the needs of the territory ” .

“In these three years there has been a constructive relationship between Anci and the new autonomous Consortium Coripet – declares Enzo Bianco, coordinator of the statutory bodies of Anci – As Municipalities we are proud of the results achieved in recent years in terms of separate collection and recycling, results that make Italy one of the leaders in the recovery sector today and we have always been open to dialogue and collaboration with all institutional subjects for the growing improvement of the performances achieved. The database represents a fundamental element in the collaboration process started with Coripet and we believe that the choice of transparency in the publication of quantitative and qualitative data on the collection of PET packaging under Coripet’s competence contributes to strengthening citizens’ awareness of the importance of collection waste separation and recycling for the protection of our planet”.