And Just Like That… Sam Smith will guest star in the second season

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Another novelty from the set of the second season of And Just Like That…: Sam Smith will appear as a guest staras the British artist himself announced on Instagram.

And Just Like That…, the role of Sam Smith

British pop star Sam Smith will then appear in season 2 of And Just Like That…coming soon to HBO Max and currently in production. No details on the role he will play, so if he will simply be himself or if he will play the role of a fictional character. Being the artist admittedly non-binary, could relate to the character of Che Diaz, also non-binary, that at the end of the first season we had left intent on moving to Los Angeles together with Miranda. It is not yet known when it comes out the second season of And Just Like That…but in Italy it will be possible to follow it on Sky and in streaming on Now TV probably by the end of 2023.

And Just Like That…, the return of Aiden

But Sam Smith is not the only new entry that is exciting the fans: recently some shots have appeared on the official profile of the series that reveal the return of John Corbett in the role of the historic ex-boyfriend of Carrie, Aidan Shaw. The many viewers of the series do not know what to expect from this flashback: with the death of Mr. Big, it seemed that no man could make the protagonist’s heart beat again and for this Aidan seems the only suitor worthy of taking the place of Carrie’s great love. Things between the two, however, have ended badly in the past so it is not certain that, this time, everything will go swimmingly. The last time we saw Aidan was in the movie Sex and the City 2, which allowed us to discover that the man had married and had three children. Already on that occasion, however, the alchemy between him and his ex had not seemed dormant at all, so much so that they had exchanged a passionate kiss despite Carrie being married to Big. What has happened to him since then? To discover what will happenall that remains is to wait for the release of the series.