And then we ended up in the vortex, Annalisa: “My pop songs with a message”

Face of an angel, degree in physics in her pocket: for the release of her “And then we ended up in the vortex” we meet Annalisa. “I am happy! I must say that with every song that comes out, expectations rise, I try not to get anxious, now the album is out, there is great enthusiasm on my part in sharing all these songs, even the unreleased ones” the singer-songwriter tells us. She prodded on the topic of songs or ditties and she replies. “And I would say they are not just songs, the fact that there is lightness and that they are pop songs that have the possibility of reaching everyone and at different levels is something I look for a lot. I try to make sure that they reach as far as possible and to as many people as possible, this is a source of pride for me. What I always try to do is make the songs carry messages. In a light and catchy song, if you put an important message inside it goes far along with the song. The message doesn’t have to be complicated, sometimes the message can be very simple like the message of freedom, being able to feel free to do what you want if that thing makes you feel good, especially in the private sphere. The song “Mon Amour” says this: feeling free to do what we want.

And then we ended up in the vortex

“In this album there is a bit of something for everyone, there are many colours, there are many messages, each song is a bit of a color of an emotional phase. Beautiful, the first song released is symbolic of the disappointment which then leads you to ask many questions. my love it is revenge, the desire for freedom. Lonely girl it’s finding yourself, having a new awareness and the strength to leave for another journey. All the songs on the album represent a feeling. Euphoria it is representative of when you start a new journey, a new path and you are there looking forward to understanding what the future holds for you. In the song The crisis in Saint Tropez I create a stream of consciousness of thoughts and emotions, even naive, sudden, fleeting ones, and I try to put them to music, one in a row… even admitting to lying, saying I don’t want something when I actually want it, I should be but they are not, in short there is a bit of everything and for all tastes. Let’s hope so…

Success and women

“This has been a year of crazy, even slightly unexpected results. Remaining in the FIMI rankings for more than a year with a song, arriving first in the FIMI rankings with another song, was certainly something difficult to imagine, it happened and I’m proud of it, says Annalisa smiling. I hope that over time we reach a point of balance and that we no longer have to point out how crazy it is that a woman is first in the rankings. I hope that we are moving towards a balance, we are in the right direction, there is still a lot of work to do.”

The gossip

Annalisa is not only experiencing great success with hits and podiums in the charts. but she also recently got married, needless to say that such notoriety brings with it a lot of “gossip”. She answers sincerely. “Gossip doesn’t bother me all that much, I experience the fact that people talk about me a bit as a surprise and a bit as an indicator of popularity. I’m certainly not someone who is used to exposing my private life, I always try to protect my private sphere to try to keep it authentic. But it doesn’t bother me that people talk about it… I simply do what I feel like, I feel good about myself and the fact that people talk about it is an indicator of popularity.

The first times: Live at the Assago Forum and tours of the sports halls

On November 4th the artist will be live for the first time at the Forum in Assago, an already sold out concert, his new tour starts in April: “I’m already preparing, I can’t wait to be on stage to share these songs from I live with people. It will definitely be a show with an impact, I want it to hit people but not just from a visual point of view, I want them to get excited. When Bellissima was released I said it was a song for dancing but with tears, I would like this to happen at the Forum. It will be hard for me not to give in to the “little plan”

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