Andrea Casta with the ice violin plays a pop hymn to nature

It has just been released on all music platforms and in a few days it has already reached 3000 thousand plays, Ice Vibes, the new song played and sung by international violinist and producer Andrea Casta with an ice violin featuring with the young voice of Kiirah.

It comes out at the same time as the music video directed by Ervin and Loren Bedeli, filmed in the Pontedilegno-Tonale ski area in the heart of the Alps, where, for some years now, the Paradice Music project has been successfully implemented: an igloo-theater built entirely with the snow at 2500 meters above sea level which holds real ice instruments played in concerts and performances throughout the winter by numerous musicians including Irene Grandi, Nina Zilli, Marlene Kuntz, Elio, Giovanni Sollima and many others. Every year in spring, with the thaw, the theater and instruments become water again, symbolizing a healthy and rediscovered relationship between man and nature. In the video, the ice violin shines with a thousand colors, combined with the famous luminous bow of the musician from Brescia that evokes the sword from Star Wars.

Ice Vibes is a song in which Casta duets with “Mother Nature”, which lives in the crystalline voice of the 18-year-old singer Kiirah, born Chiara Nasi, who has already collaborated with big names in music and numerous international record labels such as Warner and Spinnin’ Records .

Andrea Casta has long cared about the themes of the relationship between man and nature that find space in his music and in his visual performances, focusing in particular on the mountain environment. At the basis of this sensitivity is the personal story of him who saw him practice competitive skiing since he was a child, to then interrupt his career as an athlete following some injuries and devote himself completely to music at the age of 22. Especially in recent times he has strengthened this relationship through some fundamental stages: in 2021 he was among the musical protagonists of the opening ceremony of the Cortina Ski World Championships, specially composing the instrumental piece Faster & Beyond, and both in 21 and 2022 he played at the parterre of the Alpine Skiing World Cup in Alta Badia.

Ice Vibes, with its notes full of positive energy, also wants to be a means to bring Italians even closer to the charm of the mountains and winter sports in view of the upcoming Milan Cortina 2026 Olympics.

Andrea Casta is the most famous Italian crossover electric violinist in the world, he is followed by 300,000 followers on social media, has performed in 32 countries with an average of 200 live dates a year and is ready to restart with his “The Space Violin – Visual Concert” on tour in the main Italian theaters from June 2023.