Andrea Delogu has never seen her like this before: few would have recognized her in this shot

Very few have ever seen Andrea Delogu like this: in this shot the beloved presenter is really unrecognizable, would you have been her?

The Thursday night appointment with Tim Summer Hits ended exactly a week ago, but don’t worry: the ‘Best Of’ will be broadcast tonight. Starting from the first to the last evening, the best performances of this first – and hopefully not the last – edition of this fantastic musical event will be broadcast during tonight’s appointment.

Andrea Delogu. Credits: instagram

They were excellent travel companions, Stefano De Martino and Andrea Delogu with Tim Summer Hits. Aired every Thursday evening from the major Italian squares, the two conductors were at the helm of a fantastic event, which made millions and millions of viewers dance, sing and entertain. Waiting for tonight’s ‘best of’, however, we went to take a peek at the Instagram profile of the splendid Delogu. And in addition to the latest shots of her vacation with her new boyfriend, we were able to track down a completely unpublished photo. She is always beautiful, but we are sure that very few of her have ever seen her like this. Are you curious to know what it is too? We’ll take care of telling you everything. We anticipate: in this photo it is almost unrecognizable!

Andrea Delogu almost unrecognizable in this shot: never seen like this before

As well as many other characters of the show, too Andrea Delogu is super active on her official social channel. Between shots without makeup and inside her house, the presenter never misses an opportunity to show herself to her supporters in her daily life. It is precisely for this reason that – sifting through her Instagram channel carefully – we found a completely new shot. We are used to admire her in all her beauty and to make everyone agree with her charm, but we are sure that very few of her have seen her like this.

If the shot at the sea showed us a Leonardo Pieraccioni clearly different from the one we are used to seeing, the photo of Andrea Delogu as a child will really leave you speechless. A little while ago, in fact, the presenter shared this very tender shot of the past, putting everyone in agreement with her tenderness. We do not know how old she is in this photo, nor how many have passed, mind you. What, however, one cannot help but notice is how the presenter is different than she is now. On the other hand, she was very small here! Always sly eyes, but with brown hair and decidedly shorter than those sported now, the presenter shows a photo of herself that few have ever seen. Are you curious to see it too? Look at her here, she is really beautiful:

delogu first
Andrea Delogu as a child. Credits: Instagram

Tell us the truth: would you ever recognize it?